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One partnership, many advantages

IMELCO is the largest international marketing group of independent electrical wholesalers. Established over 30 years ago, it brings business partners from different countries to one table, enabling the exchange of experiences, and negotiates a common framework with partner suppliers: for the success of each individual member and for the benefit of the whole group.


The cooperation within IMELCO comprises the exchange of know-how and market data, as well as the common framework agreements for terms and conditions with partner suppliers. The goal is to attain the best benefits for each single party involved: an associated wholesaler, a partner supplier and a national wholesale consortium.

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IMELCO is the biggest international group of independent wholesalers. Nevertheless, we attach great value to keeping its structure simple and uncomplicated in order to quarantee the democratic decision-making, transparency and prompt omplementation of our action plans.



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For over 30 years, IMELCO has dedicated itself tot he sustainable development of its associated companies. Building on the foundations of its three founding members. IMELCO has grown tot he operate in 25 countries through more than 1.000 wholesale business.